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Thermal Conductivity of Magnesium Hydrides

Magnesium has a high hydrogen storage capacity but its temperature of operation is too high and the hydrogen sorption kinetics too slow for practical applications. These two aspects have been intensively investigated and many synthesis or processing methods have been proposed. One well known processing method of metal hydrides is high energy ball milling. Through ball milling, particle size reduction, nanocrystalline structure, and formation of metastable phase are obtained. However, the impact of these changes on thermal conductivity is not well known. For practical applications, good thermal conductivity is a key property to achieve acceptable hydrogen sorption kinetics. It is essential to have precise measurement of this parameter as a function of material structure and processing method. In this webinar we will report measurements of thermal conductivity via the modified transient plane source (MTPS) technique of magnesium-based hydrides before and after ball milling and other processing methods.


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