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Thermal Characteristics of Mortar Containing Hexadecane

Shape-stabilized phase change material (SSPCM) was prepared by impregnating hexadecane, as a PCM, into xGnP, as a supporting material. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy confirmed that the heat storage characteristics of hexadecane could be integrated into the structure of xGnP for its physical bonding, without a change in its chemical properties. Differential scanning calorimeter analysis showed that the melting temperature range of the SSPCM was similar to that of pure hexadecane. Thermo gravimetric analysis of the hexadecane/xGnP SSPCM determined that the percentage of impregnated hexadecane into xGnP was 48.8% with 96.4 J/g of latent heat storage energy. In addition, mortar with the prepared SSPCM was investigated in terms of developing advanced building materials with thermal energy storage properties. The heating and cooling behavior test of the SSPCM mortar demonstrated the improvement of the thermal mass and inertia by the mortars containing the SSPCM. Consequently, the thermal behavior of the test buildings made of the hexadecane/xGnP SSPCM mortar was computationally investigated using EnergyPlus. The obtained measurements validated a reduction in temperature variations and an enhancement of thermal inertia, during the time periods examined.


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