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Numerical and Experimental Study of Parafin-Expanded Graphite Phase Change Materials

C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer applied in the characterization of the thermal conductivity of the samples in the article. A series of paraffin/expanded graphite (EG) composites with various mass fraction were prepared. The microscopic geometry configuration, thermal conductivity and saturation sorption capacity of EG were obtained. In this paper, a method based on the experiments of EG pores was proposed for constructing geometric models. The geometric model constructed by this method has obvious anisotropy and has been employed in the calculation. Furthermore, the numerical results of thermal conductivity indicate anisotropy of a single-pore. Moreover, it had been observed by experiment that the anisotropy is weakened and transformed to isotropy in the process of combining geometric models with a large number of single pores. The final numerical results agree well with the experiments, which validates the precision and reliability of the proposed model. The increasement of thermal conductivity is also calculated and discussed during the phase change process of paraffin/EG


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