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Evaluation of Mechanical & Thermal Properties of Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites

Composite material plays a vital role as it is a combination of two or more materials that results in better properties than those of the individual components used. Major proportion of engineering materials consists of composite materials. Composite materials have been used in vast applications ranging from day-to-day articles to highly sophisticated applications. This present investigation is to study the mechanical and thermal properties of Glass fiber-epoxy resin (GFER), Carbon fiber-epoxy resin (CFER) composite system which is being manufactured by hand layup and vacuum bagging method. The Glass and Carbon fiber used in this investigation are 200GSM (Grams per Square Meter) and having orientation of (0°-90°). The composite samples are made in the form of laminates. The mechanical (Tensile strength & Flexural Strength) and thermal (Thermal Conductivity) properties are studied for all samples. The base/matrix material used for all these composite samples is liquid based Diglycidyl ether of Bisphenol-A (DGEBA) and Acid based Anhydride hardener system. The tensile and flexural samples were prepared as per ASTM standard and corresponding values are tabulated and discussed.

This paper highlights application of the C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer.


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