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Crystal Growth, Spectroscopy and Laser Performances of Pr 3+ Sr 0.7 La 0.3 Mg 0.3 Al 11.7

We report on the crystal growth, spectroscopic properties and visible laser performances of Pr3+ -doped Sr0.7La0.3Mg0.3Al11.7O19 (ASL). ASL crystals doped with 2 at.% and 4 at.% Pr3+ were grown by Czochralski method. The laser experiments were carried out in a plane-concave resonator under excitation at 486 nm, provided from a 2ω-OPSL. Efficient laser emission was obtained with an 8 mm long sample of Pr(2at.%):ASL. The maximum output power amounted to 267 mW, 52 mW, and 318 mW at an absorbed power of 1.2W for red, orange, and deep red emission, respectively.


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