Special Report: Method Selection in Thermal Conductivity Characterization

A comprehensive report on why it’s better to have options for thermal conductivity testing.

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Researchers today are faced with the challenge of choosing the appropriate thermal conductivity testing method for the materials that are being studied. Over the years, several techniques have been developed and most are well accepted throughout industry. However, there are certain considerations and variables that need to be addressed in order to choose the most appropriate method.

This white-paper is the ultimate guide to selecting the proper method, no matter what industry, material category, or environmental conditions you are interested in.

FLEX Transient Plane Source Sensor testing thermal conductivity of polymer composite.

FLEX Transient Plane Source Sensor testing thermal conductivity of polymer composite.

    What's in the Report

    Methods Review

    Take an in-depth journey through all the available thermal conductivity methods and sensors available on the market today.

    Sample Considerations

    Learn how different sample materials, geometries, micro-structures, and phases effect how researchers should approach thermal conductivity testing.

    Environmental Limitations

    Explore the possibilities and options for testing in various environments like high temperature, high pressure, sub-ambient, varying humidity, and compression.

    Industry Independent

    Thermal conductivity characterization is extensive across hundreds of different industries and research fields. Gain insights on how each industry is different and which methods are more preferable in particular areas.

    Heat Transfer Fundamentals

    Investigate and revisit the fundamentals of heat transfer and define the various thermal properties evident in all materials.

    Case Highlights

    Review and experience real-world examples and practical use cases that are being used by researchers across the globe.

    An In-Depth Report To Help You Choose The Right Method For The Job

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