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Thermal Conductivity of Thermoelectric Materials


The conversion of temperature differences to voltage is accomplished via thermoelectric devices (materials), and has the potential to significantly increase efficiency in power generation and refrigeration.  

Comparison of the thermal conductivity of three thermoelectric materials (developed via different processes) using the TCi thermal Conductivity Analyzer was performed. Process X produced a material with a thermal conductivity of 10.8 W/m/K while processes Y and Z produced materials with thermal conductivities of 9.7 and 9.5 W/m/K respectively.

TIM Chart

Employing the Modified Transient Plane Source technique via the TCi, the thermoelectrics researcher was able to easily and accuratly run analysis.

“The accuracy and repeatability of the TCi allowed us to confidently distinguish real differences in material properties and isolate the process parameters leading to reduced thermal conductivity.”

                  - John R., USA – Thermoelectrics Industry

You can learn more about the TCi and a variety of its capabilities in our webinar archives.


Written by Jay, August 2nd, 2013

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