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Thermal Conductivity of Sandstone

Geological Sample Testing - Thermal Conductivity of Sandstone

Geologists are increasing looking to the TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer for their thermal conductivity characterization needs.  Thermal conductivity data is important in a range of application areas from geo heat exchangers to the oil and gas sector.  The TCi has been applied by such groups as Schlumberger, Petrobas and the Alberta Geological Survey in the characterization of various geological samples. It was selected because it offers a fast, easy way to non-destructively test the samples.  The non-destructive nature of the TCi is an important capability as researchers can conduct further testing on the samples characterized.  

Dr. Robert Bateman is conducting some research on the thermal conductivity characterization of various geological samples in collaboration with the University of New Brunswick's Geology Department.  

Here is a sample of some recent work done on the characterization of sandstone.  


TCi Thermal Conductivity Sensor testing Sandstone

Picture:  TCi Sensor with sandstone sample placed on sensor.  (Note: standard brass weight is used to ensure good contact with sensor and the extension plate accessory is fitted to balance the larger sample size.)

Testing results generated by the TCi are summarized below and agreed within 3.5% of various published values.

Thermal Conductivity Testing Results on Sandstone
Measurement # Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)
1 2.346
2 2.315
3 2.342
4 2.303
Average (W/mK) 2.327


Acknowledgements:  C-Therm wishes to thank Dr. Adrien Park and Dr. Dave Keighley of the University of New Brunswick's Department of Geology  for providing the samples.

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