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Thermal Conductivity of Perlite Powders

We got a recent request to measure the thermal conductivity of some perlite powder samples that was interesting.  

Perlite has many different applications and there is a great website maintained by a producer of the materials(Redco II) on the different uses for the material.  

The interesting thing with powders is that they can be difficult to test with many older traditional methods for thermal conductivity measurement.  It is very important not to over-compress the powder samples - otherwise you risk compressing them into essentially a solid format and will significantly bias the results accordingly.  One of the advantages of the TCi for thermal conductivity measurement  is that it offers a very easy way to measure the thermal conductivity of powders with the use of the small-volume test kit accessory.

 Small-Volume Test Kit

(An interesting note - the SVTK was originally developed in collaboration with the US Navy for the testing of explosive powders...talk about trial by fire!  Haha)

For more information on how the SVTK is used to test powders and also liquids you may find this paper of interest.

Anyways...here are the test results on the perlite....  

 Thermal Conductivity of Perlite Powders   

For more information on the equipment used in the above thermal conductivity testing - please check our the C-Therm TCi Conductivity Analyzer.

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