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Testing the Thermal Conductivity of Silicone

On a recent visit to China we were asked to test the thermal conductivity of a silicone sample that was tested by an older modified hot wire technique.  The silicone sample had a thermal conductivity value stamped on it of 0.192 W/mK.   The sample was characterized with the TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer as pictured below.

Thermal Conductivity of Silicone

Testing results are summarized as follows:

Thermal Conductivity Results - Silicone Standard
Measurement  Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)
1 0.184
2 0.183
3 0.182
4 0.183
Average (W/mK) 0.183
RSD (%) 0.48%

Testing results agreed within 5% of the stated reference value for the standard in agreeing with the general accuracy specification for the device of <5%.  Similarly, multiple measurements taken fell within the TCi's stated precision for the device of <1%.  As the sample was over 15 years old some of the difference may be accounted for by ageing of the material.

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