Heat Flow Meter

Thermal conductivity measuring according to ISO 8301, ASTM C-518, DIN EN 1946-3, EN 12664, EN 12667 and EN 12939

Measuring devices of the HFM C-518 series are compact, robust desktop devices equipped with an integrated Single Board Computer (SBC) with Windows 10 operating system, the software Lambda 2016 and a high resolution color touch display that can be operated in standalone mode.

Numerous interfaces such as RS232, USB and Gigabit Ethernet enable the connectivity to peripheral devices and the fast and convenient transfer of all relevant data. The direct connection to a printer allows for printing test reports without using an additional PC.


– Fully insulated test chamber to avoid external influences

– 2 symmetrically arranged precision heat flow meters

– External cooling with tap water or recirculation cooler for three different temperature ranges

– Electrically operated plate lifting mechanism

– Digital measurement of pressure and sample thickness

– SBC with 32 GB SSD, Windows 10 and software Lambda 2016

– 10.1“ color touch-screen

– Interfaces: 1x RS232, 5x USB, 1x Gigabit Ethernet

HFM C-518
Measuring Range* 0.002 – 1.0 W/mK
Sample Size (L x W) 100 x 100 – 300 x 300 mm
Sample Thickness (H) 5-100 mm

Temperature Range

Cooling Plate

Heating Plate


-20/+60 C

-10/+70 C

Dimensions 620 x 440 x 400 mm
Power Supply 110-230V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 41 kg
International Standards

ISO 8301, ASTM C-518, DIN EN 1946-3, EN 12664, EN 12667 and EN 12939

* depending on sample thickness


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