Process Analytical Technology

Customer Comments

Given the proprietary nature of product development in the pharmaceutical industry, our collaboration and successes with clients is confidential. However, several major ethical pharmaceutical firms using C-Therm ESP™ systems have agreed to share trial work they’ve conducted during the Monitoring Phase, provided they were not identified.

To see the results of their work with the ESP™, see the Pharmaceutical section of our Tech Library.

What People are Saying About C-Therm Technologies & the ESP™

“The effusivity technology has the potential of being an end-to-end product quality monitor; from incoming materials to the blender through to the tablet press.”

- Formulation Scientist, Major ethical pharmaceutical company, and Member of the Consortium for the Advancement of Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals

“Effusivity has many of the attributes of a valuable PAT tool; on line, non-intrusive, rapid, and related to quality product development.”

- Member, FDA Subcommittee on Process Analytical Technology

“Our area of interest is to correlate effusivity to torque measurement to allow us to determine the endpoint in wet granulation.”

- Technical Services Engineer, Manufacturer of generic products

Request for Testing

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Note: samples are disposed of 2 weeks after release of test results unless client notified C-Therm of their desire to have the samples returned (client's expense). Any hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of in municipal waste will be returned to client for disposal (client's expense).