Process Analytical Technology


Lubricant Monitoring

Do your tablets ever fail dissolution tests?

Drying Endpoint Determination

C-Therm's effusivity tool for drying endpoint determination.

How does effusivity compare to other methods to determine moisture content?

vs LOD

  • Comparable sensitivity (to 0.25% moisture)
  • No thieving… no waiting

vs NIR

  • No library to create or method to develop
  • No model needing continual data input

vs Texit

  • Multiple sensors for moisture uniformity as well
  • Material property measured vs air property

Request for Testing

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Note: samples are disposed of 2 weeks after release of test results unless client notified C-Therm of their desire to have the samples returned (client's expense). Any hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of in municipal waste will be returned to client for disposal (client's expense).