High-Precision Dilatometers

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C-Therm High-precision Dilatometer DiL

C-Therm dilatometers provide a high-precision measurement for characterizing the dimensional changes of a material as a function of temperature.

Conforms to all major standard test methods for dilatometry, including ASTM E228.

Temperature Range Room Temperature to 1600°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Max Displacement 4mm
Change of Length Resolution 1.25nm/digit
Atmosphere Air, Vacuum, Inert Gas, Oxidizing, Static & Dynamic
Sample Dimensions 10 to 50mm long x max ϕ 4 - 12mm
Sample Holder Fused Silica, Alumina
Configurations Single or Dual LVDT System
1200ºC or 1600ºC Modular Furnace
Heating Element Kanthal Wire (FeCrAl), SiC
Rate of Increase (ºC) Up to 50ºC/min

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