High-Precision Dilatometers

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Acquisition Software

The hallmark of any C-Therm instrument is an easy, intuitive user-experience and this is especially true for C-Therm’s dilatometers. The user interface is simple, yet powerful. Quick-select heating profiles allow users to customize testing parameters and easily repeat tests - all from the same screen!

Easy temperature profile generation
Selectable / switchable axis
Zoom area select feature
Snapshot function for easy sharing of graphs
Export to Excel™

Data Processing Software

Calisto Thermal Analysis SoftwareC-Therm’s dilatometer acquisition software can be additionally upgraded with Calisto from C-Therm’s partners at Setaram Instrumentation. Calisto is an intuitive and powerful analysis software module with significant mathematical features including: glass transition determination, calculation of coefficients of thermal expansion (alpha, true alpha, average alpha), derivative, smoothing, temperature correction, data spike removal, and many more specialized functions.