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Introducing the Gen II TCi Thermal Conductivity Sensor: 6X Stronger and More Versatile

February, 2010 – The global leader in non-destructive thermal conductivity testing solutions has recently advanced its TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer with the release of its Gen II sensors offering users greater flexibilty and enhanced robustness. Recent 3rd-party testing completed at the Research and Productivity Council (RPC) repeately demonstrated a consistent 6-fold improvement in sensor strength under pressure. The stronger, more robust sensor platform provides greater versatility in the testing environments users can now measure thermal conductivity. TCi users can conduct thermal conductivity measurements in thermal chambers, glove boxes and other environment enclosures and can test solids, liquids, powders or pastes with the same sensor.

Download Gen II TCi Sensor Brochure

DISCLAIMER: Chip performance test data does not represent a claim as to the warranty specification for the pressure rating of the sensor. Please see “TCi System Specifications”for detailed information on the specifications of the TCi thermal conductivity system.