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C-Therm Launches New Heat Flow Meter for North American Market

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April 11th, 2018

Fredericton, N.B.– C-Therm announced today the launch of a new Heat Flow Meter product for the North American market.  The C-Therm HFM 518 offers an accelerated steady-state technique for high accuracy thermal conductivity measurement of insulation according to ASTM C518. 

“This is a premium product designed for the discerning client that requires high accuracy for analysis of their insulation materials,” comments Adam Harris, Managing Director of C-Therm Technologies Ltd.  “C-Therm has been at the forefront of pioneering the development of transient thermal conductivity measurements for over a decade – to complement this core competence, we went out and sourced the best expertise in the world to work with us in adding steady-state technology to our portfolio.”

C-Therm’s HFM 518 is powered by German manufacturer Taurus Instruments’ steady-state technology. 

The product conforms to a broad range of industry standards for measuring the heat transport properties of insulation and lower-thermal conductivity materials.  The C-Therm HFM 518 operates in accordance with ASTM C518, ISO 8301, DIN EN 1946-3, EN 12664, EN 12667 and EN 12939. 

About C-Therm Technologies Ltd.
C-Therm Technologies Ltd., located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, provides thermal conductivity characterization instrumentation for R&D, production and quality control environments.  C-Therm’s flagship product – the TCi™ Thermal Conductivity Analyzer - delivers fast, accurate measurement of thermal conductivity and effusivity. The company also offers a powerful product line in dilatometry and process analytical technology. To find out more information about C-Therm Technologies Ltd.’s products and applications, visit their website at
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Adam Harris
Managing Director
C-Therm Technologies Ltd.
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