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C-Therm Announces New Distributor for Mexico and Colombia

March 2011 Cuernavaca, Mexico – C-Therm Technologies announced it has appointed Intercovamex as its distributor in Mexico, and Colombia for the C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer.

Adam Harris, Managing Director for C-Therm Technologies Ltd., announced the partnership on a recent visit to Cuernavaca. Harris commented, “Intercovamex is an impressive group that already supports clients across Mexico and Latin America with a wide range of scientific lab equipment – they are highly respected in their field, have an impressive presence within the market and fit nicely in complimenting our existing network of distributors in the region.”

The C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer is a lab instrument that’s used to measure the thermal transport properties of liquids, powders, pastes and solids. Applications for the technology are varied as the sensors can test a broad range of materials including metal hydrides (fuel cell), plastics, nanomaterials, explosives, asphalts, petrochemicals, ceramics, paints, battery cathode materials and nuclear fuel. The TCi helps researchers in offering a faster, easier, and more versatile means to characterize their materials. The technology behind the TCi represents such a significant breakthrough in thermal analysis it won the top award for innovation in Canada, the Manning Innovation Award.

The product has an impressive global client list including Dupont (Japan), Procter & Gamble (USA), the US Navy Surface Warfare Division (USA), the Atomic Weapons Establishment (UK), Canadian Explosives Research Lab (Canada), CEA (France), and IPT – Institute for Technical Research (Brazil).

Francisco Rodriguez, General Manager for Intercovamex, comments “C-Therm has a very impressive product – the TCi offers a very elegant solution to measuring the thermal conductivity of materials – it complements our existing line of lab instrumentation perfectly.

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C-Therm Technologies Ltd., located in Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada, provides non-destructive, thermal sensor technology solutions for R&D, production and quality control applications. The patented platform technology delivers fast, accurate measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal effusivity in seconds. To find about more about C-Therm Technologies Ltd’s. products and applications, visit their website at

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Since 1991, Intercovamex offers professional technical support to users of high vacuum equipments, leak detectors and scientific instruments in Latin America. For more information please visit

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