Role In Process

Service Life Monitoring

Critical components or materials typically have a finite service life. Lubricants that ensure proper operation of mechanical assemblies in cars, aircraft or manufacturing equipment break down, desegregate and become contaminated over time. Other materials oxidize or change over time due to contamination, water ingression or other factors, such as delamination. As a result, there is a need to accurately evaluate and monitor their service life.

C-Therm technology offers this vital capability. Sensors can be customized for permanent installation in components and equipment to monitor the status and quality of lubricants or other fluids on an ongoing basis. C-Therm sensors can also be the basis of testing equipment developed for periodic, standardized inspection of materials or components under load. The ability of the technology to “see through” exterior layers allows it to evaluate conditions that otherwise cannot be inspected without timely and costly disassembly.

Key Benefits for Service Life Monitoring

  • Customized solutions – C-Therm is an engineering-based company with the resident capabilities to assist you in the development of sensor solutions specifically designed to your testing and monitoring requirements
  • Non-destructive testing – testing will not affect, taint or destroy the materials being monitored or evaluated
  • Portability – C-Therm testing equipment is compact and portable for use in test facilities and for offsite testing done remotely
  • Test all types of materials – C-Therm sensors can evaluate and monitor solids, powders, and liquids – and detect very small variations within them
  • Seeing “through” exterior layers – testing can be calibrated to look past external layers to evaluate the core of a material, or to detect properties or components concealed within sub-assemblies
  • Reduced costs – accurate monitoring of critical components or materials used to maintain them allows service life to be safely maximized and timely, cost-effective maintenance scheduling

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