Role In Process

Quality Control

Thermal effusivity can be an excellent proxy for numerous quality parameters of both incoming and finished goods. This has made C-Therm's innovative sensor technology of prime interest to QC professionals. Its ability to rapidly screen incoming materials without affecting or altering their composition or quality can help prevent production problems and costly delays arising from the variability of raw materials.

These same benefits apply to finished goods testing. C-Therm solutions allow a time and cost efficient way to increase sample sizes for statistical process control, and ultimately improved final product quality. In addition, the non-destructive, non-intrusive nature of the technology means goods that are tested can still be sold – thus eliminating sample costs.

Key Benefits for Quality Control

  • Customized solutions – C-Therm will work with you to evaluate proxy correlation, testing requirements, and integration steps to implement their innovative technology
  • Non-destructive testing – testing will not affect, taint or destroy the sample, allowing raw materials and finished goods to be screened
  • Increased production knowledge – thermal effusivity can detect hidden flaws, stress points in injection molded materials, and other quality defects that can be addressed through refinement of process processes
  • Pre-screening of inputs – C-Therm sensors allow efficient screening of raw materials for purity, particle size and numerous other criteria to ensure quality standards are maintained from the outset of production
  • Seeing “through” exterior layers – testing can be calibrated to look past external layers to evaluate the core of a material, or to detect properties or components concealed within sub-assemblies, products or packaging
  • Reduced costs – non-destructive testing eliminates write-offs of material and finished goods used for quality control evaluation, as well reducing the cost of lost production runs or batches due to out-of-spec raw materials

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