Petrochemical makers no longer have to destroy their test samples of oils, greases and waxes to research their properties. The C-Therm TCi™ gives you non-destructive thermal measurement liquid testing that can be used in research, quality control, testing of finished products, and evaluation of supplier materials. Speed and sampling flexibility make on-line testing a reality.

C-Therm's sensor technology can be integrated into pipe networks or tanks to monitor water content in petroleum, or desegregation of liquids in storage.

Unlike other thermal conductivity techniques, C-Therm's technology can be used for liquid testing directly. Solutions for fast-paced R&D, QA/QC, and production environments are made possible with our innovative sensor technology.

Visit the Petroleum section of our Technical Library, for additional information, including the following Technical papers:

  • B6 – Testing Non-Solids
  • B25 – Typical Liquid Effusivities
  • B28 – Kinetics of Oil & Water Separation
  • T4 – Testing Non-Solids
  • B35 – Measuring Concentrations
  • P32 – Design and Selection of Automotive Fluids and Engineering Plastics