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C-Therm's technology is particularly well suited to the characterization of powders. Its rapid, non-destructive testing has permitted the technology to be applied on-line. If you are involved with mixing powders for food or pharmaceutical products….

  • Is blend time easy to optimize during scale-up?
  • Would inconsistent mixing be a problem?
  • Is over blending a problem to avoid?

C-Therm has had significant involvement with the pharmaceutical industry related to the evaluation and monitoring of blend uniformity of powdered formulations. When powdered components are blended during drug production, timing is critical. If the blending period is too short, the agitation has been insufficient to produce a homogeneous product. If blending is too long, the particles will segregate. The development of the C-Therm ESP™ pharmaceutical blend uniformity monitoring system has revolutionized this process and provided new insights into the blending process.

C-Therm's technology has been embraced by the pharmaceutical industry because of its ability to evaluate the blend uniformity of powdered formulations on-line without compromising containment. Retrofitted sensors in the blending equipment provide real time data, and eliminate the need for thieving samples.

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