Material Type


The C-Therm TCi™ has the flexibility to test materials in many forms, including liquids. It can evaluate thermal effusivity and thermal conductivity directly and other thermal characteristics directly. This capability offers tremendous value as a quality control instrument. For example, if thermal effusivity limits are set for a certain liquid, the TCi can detect impurities like water or metals in seconds.

These capabilities also allow C-Therm's technology to evaluate miscibility and diffusion kinetics in liquids. In numerous industries, the segregation or separation of liquids can have significant consequences. From the consistency of metallic paints in the automotive industry to the monitoring of liquids in storage, thermal properties can help diagnose and characterize quality.

This graph plots the separation of mixed liquids, oil and water, over time. The initial rate is related to the water layer development where the second rate is related to the slow separation of the oil from within the water. This trial was done using the TCi™, with a test time of 10 seconds and the cooling time of four minutes between tests. This sequence was fully automated and 50 test results were gathered.

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