Thermal conductivity is a key parameter to be evaluated in materials that are involved in thermal management.

Rapid testing and sample size flexibility makes the C-Therm TCi™ ideal for evaluation electronic components. It allows thermal engineers to design for optimum heat dissipation, bonding and homogeneity.

Recently, promising new compounds have emerged that are filled with materials of high thermal conductivity such as boron nitride and graphite. Characterization of these new materials is crucial in the development cycle in order to optimize the production process. The same characterization is required on-line to monitor quality control during production.

When new material development is required quickly to respond to the developments in the industry, time cannot be wasted preparing samples or waiting for test results. TCi™ technology is different.

  • Non-destructive interfacial testing of any flat surface 50 mm x 25 mm in size.
  • Rapid results - tests are a minimum of 120 times faster than the guarded hot plate method. Test times are as low as 5 seconds, where the fastest hot plate takes 10 minutes.
  • On-line capability - the speed and absence of sample preparation stages gives the TCi the potential to be integrated on line, a distinct advantage over other testing methods

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