Accelerates R&D

Decrease Time for Production Scale Up

The speed of testing made possible by C-Therm's rapid, non-destructive technology has important benefits in the R&D phase of product development. Providing accurate, repeatable test results in seconds – without the need for painstaking sample preparation – allows a dramatic reduction in the timeframe typically allocated for testing. C-Therm technology incorporates automated calibration and testing, in addition to data recording and reporting. As a result, the entire testing process is simplified and more easily standardized.

The ability to provide real time thermal effusivity and thermal conductivity data, along with the portability of C-Therm technology, allows sampling and real time analysis of materials during online processes. The knowledge gained from these procedures can accelerate pre-production testing and minimize the challenges of scale up.

The real time data supplied by C-Therm effusivity sensors in retrofitted lab and plant equipment is accelerating and simplifying the scale up of new pharmaceutical formulations to full production levels.