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C-Therm regularly offers FREE online seminars - or "webinars" - to provide information on new applications and offer participants an opportunity to learn how C-Therm's clients are using the innovative sensor technology. The webinar is a combination of a live powerpoint show presented over the internet, and a conference call with participants. Please browse our listing of live upcoming webinars below or check our library of past  archived webinar recordings .

2017 Webinar Schedule






June 28th, 2017 1PM EDT Characterizing the Cool Touch Property of Bedding Materials
July 18th, 2017 11AM EDT Thermal Energy Storage Materials: Optimization through Sensible Heat, Latent Heat, Thermal Stability and Thermal Conductivity Testing


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 Characterizing the Cool Touch Property of Bedding Materials

Guest Speaker: Wim De Baudringhien (CEO & Founder, Colortex USA) 

Bio: Wim De Baudringhien is the President and Owner of Colortex USA. Wim came to the USA in 2002 to start up one of the first knitting plants for mattress ticking fabrics in the country. In 2005, he started Colortex USA, a specialized commission finishing operation for broad width woven and knitted fabrics.

Description:Learn more about ASTM Standard D7984 and the application of C-Therm’s Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) technique in characterizing the thermal performance of textiles. Thermal effusivity, also described as thermal inertia, is a property which governs a material’s ability to exchange heat with its surroundings or with other materials with which it is in contact. Measuring the thermal effusivity of textiles shows how well the textile can exchange heat with a person’s skin – and so the thermal effusivity is directly related to the user’s perception of thermal comfort (the “cool touch” or “warm feel” characteristic of the textiles). Join our guest speaker Wim De Baudringhien of Colortex USA to discuss his work in making bedding materials with improved cool touch properties and the application of the MTPS method to this work. 

Thermal Energy Storage Materials: Optimization through Sensible Heat, Latent Heat, Thermal stability and Thermal Conductivity Testing  

Join experts from SETARAM Instrumentation and C-Therm Technologies Ltd. in a free webinar about thermal energy storage! Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is the collection of thermal energy for later use. Strategies for thermal energy storage include solar heat collectors, phase change materials (PCMs), eutectics and reversible chemical reactions. In most TES systems, a higher storage capacity, higher thermal conductivity, and longer cycling stability is desirable. In this webinar, we’ll explore the application of calorimetry to examine the specific heat, heat of fusion, and cycling stability of thermal energy storage materials. We’ll also examine the application of thermal conductivity testing of TES samples, such as PCM composites and heat transfer fluids.

This webinar will be of interest to engineers and researchers in the Thermal Energy Storage industry, or anyone with specific interest in Phase Change Material characterization.